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Newspaper Telemarketing
Welcome to CCA
Essential Telemarketing Services for the Print Media Industry
We currently sell more than 45 daily and weekly throughout the United States.

We produce outstanding results for our clients by capitalizing on our two greatest assets: people and technology.

We use dialing technology with first-hello capability.  There is NO DELAY to connect when the person says “hello?”  Our call is respectful as we are on the line the instant the prospect answers the phone.

Our staff is thoroughly trained in all aspects of newspaper circulation sales.  They are excellent communicators and they sell passionately, relentlessly, and professionally.  And in the process, they make a positive statement to those they speak to and to those they represent.

Getting started is simple – We ask that you send us 25 copies of your newspaper along with the details of your pricing, rates, and promotion.   We build the marketing list and adhere to all of the telemarketing rules and regulations.  We send you new orders the same day that we sell them.

For more information, contact us at 440-887-0009